Apostle Jeffrey J Wooden, is vastly becoming an internationally respected kingdom voice. He is a powerful apostolic overseer, prophet, discerner of the times and a leader’s leader.

He has been in ministry for over 25 years and has been serving as the founder and senior pastor of The Kingdom Centers (TKC) for 12 years and a Military Chaplain for 13  years.

He is also the founder and CEO of Jeffrey Wooden International (JWI); a ministry committed to "changing the world one leader at a time." 

Apostle Wooden holds three earned academic degrees in the areas of leadership, education and ministry. The primary earmark of his ministry is undoubtedly training leaders to be profound Kingdom Leaders who preach and teach the unprecedented revelation of GOD and demonstrate  their supernatural gifts of the Spirit of God

As an apostolic overseer, he oversees over 10 ministries through Kingdom International Network (KIN), which is a family of Churches and Ministries around the world, that look to Apostle Wooden for supervision, oversight and apostolic leadership. 

Many around the world have been radically shifted by his ministry.